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  • Promotion Marketing: New School Meets Old School

    New School Meets Old School Promotion Analytics Marketing is becoming more of a science than an art.  Creativity certainly has a role but now we have the ability to measure and understand the difference it makes. Today it is imperative to demonstrate the impact marketing has on moving a business forward. In this webinar we will review the critical steps in proving success by starting with writing clear objectives, linking marketing strategies to business goals and deciding what you need to measure and then choosing the right metrics
  • Brand Activation Demystified: An Overview - PDF & VIDEO

    Starting today and for the six Tuesdays following, the BAA presents Brand Activation Demystified, a series that will give you fresh perspectives on the latest approaches to strategy, execution and
  • BAA Legal Affairs Cmte - February 2015

    A review of current State Legislation, Regulatory and Enforcement matters that will affect your/your clients' business.
  • BAA files Comments with the FCC

    The Brand Activation Association (BAA), a division of the ANA, has filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in support of the Commission’s proposed amendment to Section 73.1216 of the Rules Related to Broadcast Licensee-Conducted Contests (“Contest Rule”).
  • Demystifying the Advertising Landscape

    In 10 years, the complexity around digital media buying has increased considerably. A single media buy can involve a dozen separate parties, each providing one vital aspect to the process. The head of global advertising operations at LinkedIn provided a straightforward view of the media buying landscape, and why it’s crucial for a brand’s legal professionals to have at least a cursory understanding of the process.
  • The Tricky Business and Law of Loyalty Programs, Gift and Stored Value Cards

    In the past 10 years, gift cards have evolved from paper certificates to magnet strip cards to mobile apps that communicate with retailers at point of sale. While the technology evolved rapidly, regulators and brands have been slow to catch up. Legal experts from around the industry discussed the basic laws behind gift card and customer loyalty programs, and how brand can avoid regulatory issues and unhappy customers.
  • Meet the Regulators: The Key Issues for the Federal Regulators, State AGs, and Self-Regulatory Bodies

    ~A panel discussion offered enforcement’s perspective on recent investigations into potentially deceptive or misleading advertising practices. Panelists from the FTC and state attorney general offices shared areas of focus, insights into the inquiry process, and perspective on recent allegations and cases. Disclosures, health claims, data breaches, and negative options were covered.
  • Advertising Review of the Year: Key Legal and Business Developments

    ~The year 2014 saw a return to basics from the FTC and NAD. Brands were targeted and challenged for making unsubstantiated claims and failing to disclose important product information in a clear and conspicuous manner. Legal experts from Visa, Inc., Loeb & Loeb LLP, and the advertising division of the Better Business Bureau discussed various rulings in 2014 and what they could mean to advertisers moving forward.

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Jan 28, 2015
Marketers employing multiple methods, higher face values to help drive redemption


Dec 16, 2014
Of all the coupons redeemed so far this year, 40.8% came from Free-Standing Inserts (FSIs), whi
Nov 19, 2014

Fish & Richardson announced today that it has been named the #1 patent litigation firm in the

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